Zeaxanthin and Lutein Save the Eyes and Improve Brain Circulation

corn with luteinThe antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin help keep the eyes healthy. A new study has found that these nutrients also improve the circulation of blood to the brain. Seniors experience gradual cognitive decline. A recent study showed that taking enough of these antioxidants halted cognitive decline. Research supports the idea that nutrition has a direct impact on the brains and eyes throughout one’s lifespan from infancy (breast milk contains lutein) to old age.1

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Astaxanthin: Carotenoid with a Difference

salmon mealThe lowly microalgae in the ocean produce astaxanthin for their protection against environmental stressors and light.  Fish and crustaceans consume microalgae and retain the bright red color that we see in salmon, sea trout, shrimp, and krill.

When we enjoy savory salmon, the benefit of the astaxanthin that it contains extends to our vision, brain, circulatory system, immune system, etc., but with a difference. It provides significantly greater antioxidant protection (10x to 100x more) than other antioxidants.1 2 3 Continue reading “Astaxanthin: Carotenoid with a Difference”

What Goes Into Dry Eye Formulations?

Dry eye formulationWith drier weather of windy fall and cold winter, added to our hours on the computer, come increased dry, burning, and itchy eyes, known as dry eye syndrome. This is the number one complaint that eye doctors hear from patients. Most of us experience it at least from time to time.

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Herbs that Fight Abnormal Microbleeding in Macular Degeneration & Diabetic Eye Disease

retinal bleeding from diabetic retinopathy or macular degenerationMacular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy have something in common. Although the indirect causes may be different, a consequence of untreated AMD or untreated diabetes is similar. Untreated, both conditions may result in macular microbleeding, in which abnormal capillaries develop (angiogenesis) that leak fluid or blood into the retina. A holistic approach may reduce the risk of the development of abnormal blood vessels bleeding into the retina and destroying vision

Why Angiogenesis is a Problem

Let’s consider dry and wet (advanced) macular degeneration. AMD is basically a form of “starvation of the retina,” particularly the age-related form, in which essential nutrients are not reaching their target. Insufficient delivery can be due to some combination of a poor diet, lack of exercise, issues with absorption, poor circulation, candida, or chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Since the function of blood is to deliver oxygen and nutrients, one might reasonably think that growing new blood vessels would improve the ‘starvation’ issue, and that would be the intention of angiogenesis, but it’s not quite that simple. Angiogenesis occurs in an effort to deliver deficient nutrients to the retina, but unfortunately, these blood vessels are poor in quality and end up leaking. They also distort the delicate structure of the macula.

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Glutathione – The Mother of All Antioxidants

This super antioxidant provides essential support for the optic nerve, brain, lens, cornea, retina/macula, the brain, and mitochondria.

Older adult may face eye disease with agingWhat is so special about glutathione? This amino acid is considered a super antioxidant. It is one of the few nutrients that can neutralize the full spectrum of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are molecules missing an electron in the outer orbit; they ‘steal’ an electron from a healthy cell causing that cell to atrophy and die. Glutathione has an extra electron, binds with free radicals, and neutralizes them.

Glutathione is concentrated in the brain, supports the eye’s lens, retina/macula, cornea, detoxifies, and can be produced by the body — but production declines as we age and/or in the face of poor diet, environmental toxins, stress, trauma, some medications, infections, etc.

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New! Natural Eye Care Series of Mini-Books on Eye Disease and Conditions

minibooks natural eye careLooking for detailed information on a specific eye condition? Natural Eye Care is releasing a series of Mini-Books. Each short book focuses on a specific eye condition, such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Dry Eyes, and Eye Floaters. These self-help books explore natural ways to help protect and support healthy vision. Discover specific nutrients, diet, exercise, essential oils, Chinese medicine, and more. The cost of each book is $14.95 in paperback, or $9.95, coming soon, as an pdf file e-book. Continue reading “New! Natural Eye Care Series of Mini-Books on Eye Disease and Conditions”

Natural Eye Care Podcast with Dr. Marc Grossman on Apple Podcasts

Natural Eye Care podcast with Dr. Marc GrossmanThe Natural Eye Care Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts. This weekly audio show is hosted by Holistic Optometrist Dr. Marc Grossman, O.D., LAc. Listen as Dr. Grossman discusses vision problems, eye health, and other general health issues. Dr. Grossman has 40+ years of experience helping patients with eye problems ranging from mild to severe. He helps patients with eye conditions, including dry eyes, myopia, macular degeneration, glaucoma. Continue reading “Natural Eye Care Podcast with Dr. Marc Grossman on Apple Podcasts”

Can a Face Shield Protect My Eyes from Coronavirus/COVID-19?

face shield in a hatMany of us wear a mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but could eye protection such as a face shield also help? Science is close to proving connections between coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the eye. When may it be helpful to shield the eyes?

The Eyes and the Coronavirus

Other viruses are known to infect the tissues covering the whites of the eye and inside the eyelid – the conjunctiva. Most of the conjunctiva is exposed to the air, and thus vulnerable to viral attack. Some COVID-19 patients have SARS-CoV-2 infections in the eyes. The virus may have entered the body through this conjunctivitis. To attack the eye, the virus needs to attach to certain types of cells. Continue reading “Can a Face Shield Protect My Eyes from Coronavirus/COVID-19?”

How to Slow Macular Degeneration Progression

Researchers have found that certain supplement combinations actually modify how genes and proteins affect the behavior of white blood cells in the retina. They are investigating the reasons why certain supplements are helpful against macular degeneration. The answer may be that compounds in the supplements regulate the white blood cells (macrophage phenotypes).1

Seniors in the early stages of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can become desperate to slow down the eye disease’s progression. The eye doctor typically suggests quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, getting exercise, and getting regular eye exams.

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