Prevention's the Best Medicine!

Natural Vision BioHacking

Apples are part of a healthy vision diet

Stay healthy through diet, nutrition & exercise.

Become an active participant in your own vision care. Make informed decisions on nutrition, diet and lifestyle based on peer review research studies and over 35 years of clinical experience.

Our philosophy emphasizes prevention rather than cure, based on the latest scientific research. We provide complementary treatment for many conditions.

Diet for VisionYour Diet

Vision Diet Guide

Juicing recipes: juicing tips and juicing recipes for vision conditions such as cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and macular degeneration

Antioxidants What are they and why do we need them?

Good Digestion: Tips for taking vitamins, enzymes and herbs.

Why Cut Down on Sugar?

Alkalizing Foods Chart

Mediterranean Diet

Nutrient Food Sources

Nutrient Descriptions

Visionary Cooking: Food for the Eyes

Lifestyle changes for visionYour Lifestyle

Lifestyle Guide

Manage Stress Learn how stress and anxiety damage vision health.

Support Restful Sleep Learn how poor sleep weakens vision health.

Wear Wrap-Around UVA/UVB Sunglasses

Limit Unnecessary Medications

Harmful Drugs: Drugs that damage the retina and optic nerve, hinder blood flow to the eyes and cause or aggravate vision problems.

Homeopathic Eye Disease Products

Fight Inflammation

Eliminate Smoking

Activity for visionYour Activity

Activity Guide

Free eye exercises with specific recommendations for vision conditions.

Daily exercise is a critical component of our 1-2-3 vision wellness protocol. It is well documented that even mild exercise such as a daily walk significantly reduces the risk of most vision and eye conditions.

What's Your Dose of Daily Exercise?

Exercise May be as Effective as Medication

Exercise Improves Retinal Health

Read about experiences of people like you.

Medication and surgery may sometimes be necessary or even the appropriate way to maintain the precious gift of sight. Our approach is intended to be used as an adjunct to these traditional treatments of vision problems.

NaturalEyeCare is dedicated to the belief that a common ground can be created in which the strengths of modern day Western medicine can be united with the preventative approach of other healing modalities such as nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and a positive mental approach to life.