Inflammation of the Eyelid or Conjunctiva

About Eye Infections   Eyelid inflammation   Conjunctivitis  

Eyelid or conjunctiva inflammation can cause several, usually not serious, conditions. The eyelid itself, the glands that line the eye, or the eyelash follicles can become inflamed or if serious, can become infected. Children (and adults) sometimes experience pink eye, the result of an inflammation of the cornea. Common conditions are styes, pink eye and blepharitis. Other conditions include aging conditions such as entropion and ectropion, swelling of the eyelid (edema), dermatitis due to allergies, and drooping eyelid.

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Complementary Treatment

Chalazion, Eye Sty

These conditions tend to be fairly minor, clearing themselves up in a few days or a week. One should not rub the eyes if itchy or uncomfortable, particularly with unwashed hands. Cool compresses and bathing the eyes can help decrease any soreness. If the conditions last for more than a week then you should see your eye doctor.

  • A warm compress can be very soothing for many eye irritations, inflammations and infections. You can use cool camomile teabags or for a warm compress, EyeEase Formula and MSM drops.

    1. Heat a cup of water to boiling, and add approximately 15-20 drops of EyeEase to the boiled water, then let cool. If you use MSM drops then you can add 3-5 drops to the solution.
    2. Dip a clean washcloth into the cooled liquid (you can warm the liquid up if you like) and place over affected eye for 5 minutes, 2-3 times per day. Keep eye closed during application of the compress.
    3. Continue for 1-2 weeks until condition improves. If problems persists or gets worse, contact your eye doctor.
  • Try to reduce or eliminate foods that can compromise the immune system including sugars and carbohydrates (particularly refined), sodas, fried foods, hydrogenated oils.
  • Diet & lifestyle protocol - see our recommendations for keeping your eyes healthy for detailed information. Everything from good nutrition to daily exercise is important.
  • See complementary treatment for a chalazion.
  • See complementary treatment for conjunctivitis (pink eye).
  • See complementary treatment for eye styes (bumps on eyelid).
  • See complementary treatment for blepharitis (eyelid inflammation, swelling).

Conventional Treatment

Various eye drops that include lubricants, antibiotics and possibly steroids. Washing the eyelids daily with warm water and baby shampoo which contain long chain surfactants (milder, but less effective at removing oil) rather than the lauryl sulfates in most shampoo.

Learn more about complementary treatment for blepharitis, styes and conjunctivitis

About Eye Infections   Eyelid inflammation   Conjunctivitis